Something for Everybody  Utgivningsdag.  2002-04-05
ORR 2002-1

Release date April 5:th 2002

1   Chills And Fever*
2   Don´t Talk To Me About Losin´*
3   Memories Of Rosemarie*
4   Still
5   Every Single Time*
6   High School Reunion Dance*
7   Beauty Queen*
8   Thay Say...*
9   Matchbox
10 Peter Gunn
11 I´m Sorry For Breaking Your Heart*
12 My Sweet Baby´s Arms*
13 Lord I Need Your Advice (Live from Tyrol)*
14 Let Me Hold You*
15 The Killer Still Rocks on*
16 Kisses Of Fire*
17 69-Ford*
18 Sweet Sugar Mama*
19 Rock´n´Roll Super Medley: Johnny B Goode-Great Balls Of Fire-Keep A Knocking-Rock´n´Roll Music-Tutti Frutti-Jenny Jenny-Whole Lotta Shakin´
20 Loving You*

* Text och musik Micke Muster
* Songs and lyrics by Micke Muster

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